Inspired Workshops & Programs 

Created by Donna Jacobs Sife and Dvora Liberman


ME?  WE!

Cultural Diversity for primary and secondary school levels and adults In light of Australia’s diviversity of cultural backgrounds, this performance features a repertoire of story, poetry and song, that spans the world’s traditions and folklore.

The stories encourage empathy and an appreciation of other cultures, through exploring different points of view and experiences. The stories implicitly respond to bullying, prejudice, fear of difference, being part of a community, and conflict resolution.

This performance highlights both the uniqueness and the common thread that binds together our individual, communal and universal experiences.



Environmentalism and giving Meaning to Life for primary and secondary school levels and adults In response to the pressures of commercialism and materialism, this performance gives value to those things we cannot see or hold. We ask:

What is it that makes us truly rich?; What is it that gives us happiness?; and What price do we pay when we ignore these things?

Themes raised are ecological awareness, environmentalism, sustainability, inner wealth, responsibility to the earth and future generations.



A Time to Speak and A Time to be Silent Self-preservation and Self-protection for primary and secondary school levels and adults This performance safely and non-didactically gives strategies to deal with abuse, including drug abuse, addictions, family secrets, and friends in crisis.

We explore the time it is appropriate to keep a secret and the time to tell. We delve into shame, how it imprisons and alienates, and how we can set ourselves free.



Being the best we can be and honouring our true natures for primary and secondary school levels and adults

“If I am not for myself who will be for me?”

The stories for this part of the performance develop the idea that our greatest task is to discover and be true to our essential natures, regardless of the views and actions of those around us, and to take responsibility for the things that we do.

“If I am only for myself, what am I?”

We take these ideas further into the realm of service and response to injustice.

“If not now, when?”

Finally, we acknowledge that whatever we wish to do for ourselves, or our family, or for the world, begins NOW!



Exploring our own lives as great quests and mythic adventures for secondary school levels and adults.

Nearly every story is a ‘quest’ story – where the hero goes in search of truth, justice, freedom or happiness.

With this performance/workshop we create a dialogue between this universal story tradition and our own lives, each informing the other.

There is value in sharing personal stories and recognizing ourselves in each other. Seeing our lives in mythic terms, can elevate our lives and provide a big picture as a reference point that in turn sustains and enriches all that we do.

Through creative writing, movement,and storytelling, the participants will be encouraged to appreciate the purpose of their existence, and accept the full gamut of life’s experience with curiosity, intention and a sense of adventure.



Dealing with loss, grief and the cycle of life for upper primary and secondary school levels and adults This performance looks at the inevitability of death and suffering.

We ask:
How do we give meaning to the dark times in our lives?

How can making friends with death enable us to live a full and joyful life? How can endings inspire fresh beginnings?

The performance illuminates hope, courage and a sense of life’s adventure.

The Nature of Intimacy


Being a Woman in Today’s World for adolescent girls and adults In response to pressures on women in today’s world, particularly regarding body image and ageing, this collection of stories, poems and song reflect ideas of – sovereignty over our own lives, being true to ourselves, considering what true beauty is, and exploring the nature of love and sexuality.

As a supplement to this performance, we offer an evening storytelling of women’s wisdom tales, and sharing between mothers and daughters. This event concludes with a light-hearted ceremony that welcomes adolescent girls into womanhood.


All our programs are interactive and aimed to be highly entertaining and yet transformative – to encourage a sense of change and enriched understanding. With compassion and humour, we speak of aspects of life and spirit that often remain unspoken.

We use storytelling, movement, poetry, music and song to challenge, uplift, inspire passion and deep inquiry. Our stories are drawn from world folklore, myth, wonder tales, personal stories, wisdom literature and sacred traditions. We also facilitate experiential workshops to extend each performance for students, adults, parents and teachers. Workshops can include creative dramatics, performance, movement, creative writing and discussion.

We offer several performances and we are happy to create a show for a particular theme for primary and secondary school levels, and adults/teachers.