Reviews and Testimonials for Living in Harmony, Stories For Life

“Donna's stories enter right into the world of children, although there is no age group that will want to miss this wonderful way to learn. Here we are given such a rich gift, a graceful yet powerful way to master the tools to lead a meaningful, good life. Every one of us, lest we lose our way, need these stories to guide us back to the sacred path.”

Dr Stella Cornelius, AO, OBE.
Founder/Director, Conflict Resolution Network

"Myths are not true the way Maths are true - but Myths have a grander purpose,  To point beyond the way things are to the way things ought to be. Children's stories do the same, and although they seem unbelievable at first, Donna Jacobs Sife
knows they point to to the kind of wisdom that can help us make a better world."

Rachael Kohn,
Presenter ABC Radio National, The Spirit of Things

"If only our troubled teenagers would download this CD into their ipods, their negative view of the world, would be changed forever"

"Donna's superb choice of stories reveal a world where peace and harmony triumph. Her gentle voice weaves storytelling magic and touches the listener's heart and soul"

"Buy "Living in Harmony" for all your friends who care deeply about the world and want to make it a better place'

"You will not find a better, wiser, more compelling example of the best that storytelling can offer anywhere in the world"

"Infused with the spirit of love and interconnection, Donna Jacob Sife takes the listener on a journey of self-discovery"