All workshops are experiential, fun, group work, with lots of opportunity to tell and play.

Workshops and programs include


  • Art and Technique of Storytelling
  • Coaching and Masterclass
  • Adapting Stories for Different Ages
  • Myth Dream Metaphor - Every story we tell is our own
  • Conflict, Anger and Understanding Bullying through Story


  • What the Rabbis Say - an exploration of Torah through Midrash
  • Taking Torah to Heart - ways to deepen and enliven the stories from the Bible
  • Rituals for Life - creating rituals for Life Cycle events (often a womens w/s)
  • Teaching Tolerance
  • Ancient Wisdom for Todays World.
  • Many paths to Heaven (inter-religious program, that considers the same stories from a myriad of sources)
  • Stories of Peace, Love and Being Human 


  • Feeding the Soul - telling stories that touch the heart (for those who work with troubled teens and in prisons etc)
  • In the Beginning - Why, how, Who and What we can become.
  • Writing an Ethical Will
  • Turning Life into Story
  • Myth inside and Out


I and Thou and the Space Between

During ancient times, Rabbi Hillel said: "If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?" This weekend workshop will rediscover our creativity and our imaginations.

We aim to explore the relationship with our selves, our community and our world. Who am I, what do I yearn for, what is required of me, what sustains and nourishes me and how can I help create a better world? Through traditional storytelling and poetry, through dance, music, writing, drama and storymaking - the weekend will be one that will nourish the soul.

The Big Quest

Through a variety of folk, mythic and legendary tales, this program tells a variety of ‘Quest’ stories – and thereby explores what is Truth, what is Justice, and what is our Purpose. It gives young people a moment to reflect on these questions, at just the time when they are beginning to be asked.

Beyond Difference Stories that explore different ways to resolve conflict, and address prejudice, fear and mistrust. Drawing from a range of traditional stories from multi-cultures, this program goes directly to the heart of concerns that are having such a grave effect on the world today. Although lighthearted and humourous, the ancient wisdom held in these stories can do much to alert us to our own intolerance, and encourage new ways to respond.